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The success of any online retailer depends entirely on their eCommerce platform. Smart, targeted marketing strategies can help you get as many clicks as you desire, but if your eCommerce website doesn’t win over the customer, you might not see any of those clicks converting. At Bevolved, we offer a full range of eCommerce optimisation services that target both the user experience and how it affects their chances of converting, helping you see the profits that your products should rightfully earn you.

The benefits of eCommerce optimisation

As an eCommerce CRO agency, we see on a regular basis the factors that lead to the success of an online retailer and the factors that can let them down. Our audit, analysis, and optimisation techniques target those factors and, as a result, you could increase your online optimisation rates, create a much better user experience for customers, and even improve the return on investment of your entire web marketing strategy. If you’re noticing high rates of shopping cart abandonment or not seeing the profits you expect from your online shopping platform, eCommerce optimisation might be just what you need.

It never fails to amaze us at the lack of knowledge or understanding regarding conversion rates and conversion rate optimisation (CRO). The majority of clients we work with had heard of the terms and thought they had an understanding of what it was, however, it had never been a major concern or a big area of development.

The simple calculation below demonstrates the value of an optimal performing conversation rates:


10,000 visitors/month = 40 orders/month = £1,000 average order / conversion value
= £40,000/month revenue at 0.40% conversion rate.

Let’s bring that up to an across industry average (average, not great) conversion rate:

10,000 visitors/month = 200 orders/month = £1,000 average order / conversion value
= £200,000/month revenue at 2.00% conversion rate.

Let’s take that average conversion rate up to a great conversion rate:

10,000 visitors/month = 400 orders/month = £1,000 average order / conversation value
= £400,000/month revenue at 4.00% conversion rate.

That’s a 900% monthly increase in revenue, without even looking at SEO, Content Marketing, Social Media and many more techniques to increase actual targeted traffic to your website or application.

User experience is the key

Besides the range of products available on your marketplace, user experience is one of the most important factors behind the success of your eCommerce platform. If the user can’t easily find the products they want, they’re likely to stop the search. If there are too many steps between finding that product and placing their order, they may simply abandon their shopping cart. At Bevolved, we take into account the user experience above all else. We can help you identify the barriers between your visitors and the product they want. Not only does this cost you the profits of the sale, but it creates a negative perception towards your site from that user.

We can help you rethink the navigation, creating more intuitive pathways for the customer to take towards the purchase both you and they want. We can also take a closer look at individual page formatting, making sure that all the high-value content and the clicks that allow them to proceed are given pride of place, making it all the easier for them to get closer to that buy.

The science behind the art

eCommerce CRO (or conversion rate optimisation) is the package of services we provide to find the solutions your website needs. Naturally, the needs can change depending on the website, so we work carefully to only find and offer the solutions that will work best for you. For that reason, we start with a comprehensive audit of the website as it currently stands. At the end of the audit, we show you a full analytics and metrics assessment, taking a look at your goals and providing the indicators by which we can measure any changes we suggest or implement. Paired with a user experience analysis, we can highlight the key issues keeping your site from its full potential.

We want to make sure that any of the changes we suggest work before we fully implement them, too. We identify your major conversion gaps and provide a full testing plan to address them. While the tests are implemented, we monitor them, seeing how they impact the indicators outlined in our metrics assessment. With every test, we keep you updated with a full results analysis. Did our suggested changes get you closer to your goals and by how much? With that in mind, we can continue with further testing or let your newly optimised site go live.

Common conversion gaps we can help with

Every site has its own struggles, but when it comes to eCommerce, some conversion gaps are more common than others. Some of the issues Bevolved can help you solve include:

  •         Poor SEO practices, keeping your website invisible from the search engines that could be helping catch the attention of many more customers.
  •         A lack of trust, if your website doesn’t provide enough information, reviews, or details about your business.
  •         Page load speed, the more your customers have to wait, the less likely they are to complete a purchase.
  •         Uncertain shopping processes, if customers don’t know how many steps they have to complete a purchase, they are more likely to give up on it.

Our eCommerce audit can help highlight these issues, while our testing helps us solve those that are causing your site the most trouble.

Your eCommerce website could be lacking just a few touches to really make it the platform that both you and your customers deserve. Get in touch with Bevolved today and we can start optimising it from top to bottom with our eCommerce optimisation services.

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eCommerce Convertion Rate Optimisation (CRO) 2


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