The primary objective of any app developer is to see as many people installing their app as possible. When it comes to marketing, the most important factor is not that your marketing is visible, or even engaging, but that it helps you get closer to your objective.

The benefits of Pay Per Install

Pay Per Install in a form of app advertising that puts your objectives first. Like pay per click advertising on traditional web platforms, you only pay for results. That means there is total transparency. The more you pay, the more users installing your app. At Bevolved, we offer app advertising with a Pay Per Install system, using only the most effective methods to get app developers closer to their objectives.

Ad placements that get results

How do we ensure those results? Much like pay per click advertising, we work closely with you to create the ads most suitable for your user demographics, your app, and where you choose to advertise. From acquisition campaigns to video campaigns, we review each option with you. You’re kept in the loop from the ad planning phase to the execution and through to the analysis.

Choosing the right platform

As part of our strategy, we work with you to find the best platforms for your ad placements. This includes not only social media channels but app store advertising, as well. We use platforms that offer plenty of smart targeting features to ensure that your ads are targeting the most relevant users. However, you only pay when the user installs your app, not when they click the ad.

Pay Per Install app marketing offers the most transparent and cost-effective advertising campaigns possible. Get in touch with Bevolve today to see how we can create the campaign that leads you to real results.

Complete PPC campaign marketing

At Bevolved, we specialise in the complete management of entire PPC campaigns for your business. We will research keywords, design your adverts, and analyse the results of each campaign. Scaling them to the full potential using our special AI software. To find out more about our PPC services, please do not hesitate to get in touch today.

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