Pay-per-click advertising – which is commonly abbreviated to simply PPC – is one of the most powerful tools available to modern businesses. At Bevolved, we specialise in providing PPC services for all kinds of different businesses, helping our clients to achieve the results they need.

What is PPC?


PPC is a form of advertising that allows your business’ adverts to rank at the top of search engine results pages. To achieve this via conventional SEO methods is extremely challenging and time-consuming. PPC allows you to circumvent the process and pay to appear at the top of the search results, right where users are most likely to notice you.

You can view the results of existing PPC campaigns for yourself by running a search for any term. At the top of the page, there is a set of links with the word “Ad” next to them in a small box – all of these are PPC adverts.

How do PPC adverts differ compared to standard advertising?

The major benefit of PPC is that these adverts are, in and of themselves, free to the business. Your business’ advert will appear at the top of search engine results at no cost to you initially.

This is because PPC is specifically designed to ensure you only pay for adverts that a user actually clicks on. When the user clicks an advert at the top of a search engine result page, the business’ advertising account is debited a certain amount. The amount per “click” varies widely across industries and the popularity of the search term; some “clicks” cost only a few pence, while others may cost several pounds. As Pay-Per-Click specialists, we at Bevolved will ensure you are paying the lowest possible amount for your “clicks”.

Why is PPC beneficial?

There are a number of benefits of PPC when compared to conventional advertising

The most important consideration is one of cost. With standard advertising, there is no guarantee that a user is going to click through to your business – you are essentially paying for them to see the advert. In many cases, this means that you are actually paying for them to ignore the advert. Banner adverts, for example, are only clicked 0.06% of the time; this means a large part of your advertising budget is being spent on users who have no interest in your business products or services.

However, with PPC, you are only charged when a user directly interacts with your advert and clicks through to your landing page. This ensures that you are only paying for warm leads; users who are genuinely interested in your business. This helps to drive cost-efficiency and guarantees that your advertising budget is only used when it has the potential to deliver a real result.

Another important benefit of PPC is how it saves time. Building your brand’s reputation online takes time and a huge amount of expense, all in an effort to rise up the search rankings. PPC is an excellent interim measure that helps to drive users to your site now, while your background SEO work builds a presence for the future.

Complete PPC campaign marketing

At Bevolved, we specialise in the complete management of entire PPC campaigns for your business. We will research keywords, design your adverts, and analyse the results of each campaign. Scaling them to the full potential using our special AI software. To find out more about our PPC services, please do not hesitate to get in touch today.

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