The pay per click advertisement is one of the most effective direct marketing tools available online. However, that doesn’t mean they are always destined for success. If your campaign isn’t showing the kind of results you want, a free PPC audit from Bevolved can help you find out why.

Our PPC audit checklist

What does our audit look for? What’s dragging your PPC advertising campaign down? It can come down to a variety of common factors, including:

  •         Eliminating wasted spend through negative keywords
  •         Managing your budget effectively and optimising how much you bid per ad.
  •         Finding out if your ads are showing during the hours and times of day where they can be most effective
  •         Ensuring your ads are targeting users who are in the right location and speak the right language
  •         Managing ads per network and device to make sure the ads are right for the platform
  •         Improving your Quality Score so that your ad shows more regularly

These are just a sample of factors that affect the success of your advertising campaign. Our pay per click audit offers much more detail.

Let Bevolved enhance your PPC campaign

We provide a full PPC audit, telling you exactly what factors are dragging your results down. Alongside your audit results, our pay per click experts can provide actionable tips for eliminating or minimising the impact that any negative issues can have.

Any successful ad campaign begins with an informed advertiser. Our pay per click audit can help you find out where your past attempts have gone wrong, and Bevolved’s advertising services can ensure that this time, you get it right.

Complete PPC campaign marketing

At Bevolved, we specialise in the complete management of entire PPC campaigns for your business. We will research keywords, design your adverts, and analyse the results of each campaign. Scaling them to the full potential using our special AI software. Bevolved can ensure you get both the advertising reach and quality you deserve.

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