With the Google Grants program providing a low-cost opportunity for charities to use one of the most effective marketing platforms online, there’s a lot of potential to take your online reach to a new level. However, you’re likely to come up against a lot of competition when you do. How your charity fares depend on how effectively you manage your campaign. With the PPC experts of Bevolved, you can ensure you run a campaign that reaches your audience and helps you fulfil your online objectives.

Charity PPC

Unlike other organic methods like search engine optimisation, PPC is fast and direct. You craft your ad campaign, launch it, and you can start seeing results within hours. With a variety of targeting tools, you can ensure that your ads only appear to those web users most likely to support your efforts. Further support for charities such as the Google Grant is making it even easier to launch your campaign on certain platforms like Adwords.

Bevolved starts with you

All our Charity Adword and PPC services begin by learning more about your charity and your online objectives. We can offer support in obtaining this grant, as well as providing our expert analysis of the real-time data and performance metrics to help you craft and manage ads that lead to not only more clicks but clicks that help you reach your goals.

Complete PPC campaign marketing

Pay per click for charity offers exciting new opportunities to give your cause the visibility it deserves and a path to fulfil your objectives, whether it’s to raise awareness, donations, or otherwise. Let Bevolved ensure that your campaign is in the best possible shape to take advantage of those opportunities.

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