We all know that not every potential customer is going to convert when they first engage with our brand. Some leads need a little more time or effort to develop, and remarketing is the perfect way to do that. With Bevolved’s help, you can use a remarketing strategy to connect with visitors who have already been on your website but haven’t made a purchase or enquiry.

How remarketing works

Remarketing makes use of the information that potential customers provide on your side to encourage them to come back and complete a sale or enquiry. For instance, a customer may log in to start purchasing a product only to change their mind, also known as shopping cart abandonment, or they may have a wish list of items they have yet to buy. Remarketing allows you to follow up on this initial steps if, for instance, you have a deal that could renew their interest and complete a sale.

Remarketing vs. retargeting

Our remarketing campaigns are often confused with retargeting, which is slightly different. Unlike remarketing, retargeting uses cookies on your website to target past visitors with display ads on third-party websites or social media channels with ads that have the specific objective of increasing their chances of converting on a second visit. Both strategies work well, they simply use a different medium to reach them once again.

Complete PPC campaign marketing

Bevolved’s team of internet marketing experts can help you find the remarketing opportunities you need to secure more conversions for your site. With your aims and customers in mind, we can craft a strategy that ensures you get not just the visibility you need, but the precise targeting of those most likely to convert.

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