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An SEO audit is a step that simply can’t be missed when it comes to any SEO campaign. Search engine optimization (or SEO for short) is all about helping your website and all the pages get closer and closer to the top spot on search engines like Google. Building links to your site from other reputable pages and using the right keywords in your content are two strategies that can play a big role in your efforts. However, the website itself can make or break your SEO campaign, too.


Our SEO audit takes a close look at the entirety of your website, making sure that there are no obstacles or errors on it that can get in the way of your success. With the right industry-standard tools in the hands of real SEO experts, Bevolved can help make your site the foundation of a successful search engine marketing campaign.

Why does an SEO audit help?

Search engines like Google take into account many different factors when determining where you place in their search rankings. Keyword research and relevancy is one of them, ensuring that you’re using the terms as the visitors or customers that would search for you.. Links leading back to your site are another.

The website, however, is the most crucial success factor of all. If a site is inaccessible, loads slowly, is poorly indexed, or isn’t properly secured, this can result in your site being penalised by all the major search engines. Broken links, broken images, poorly written or unoriginal content, server errors, and more can all have negative consequences.

An SEO audit uses specific tools and plenty of know-how to comb through every detail of your site as thoroughly as possible. If we pick up any errors or factors that could be pulling you down the search result listings, we can let you know exactly how to fix it. Without an SEO audit, you may be wasting your budget trying to optimize a site that the search engines simply won’t recognise.

What are we looking for with an SEO audit?

You might think that if you know the factors that are weighing your site down that, you might be able to fix them yourself. You may very well be right, but there are a lot of potential issues and not all of them are readily visible. Some of the factors we target with a thorough SEO audit include:

  •  Content: The quality, relevance, and originality of the content. We also look at content that isn’t indexable by search engines, like image-based content, those without internal and external links, as well as user engagement and page layout.
  • HTML: We look for traces of keyword stuffing, hidden text and links, duplicate links or titles and more that can weigh your page down.  
  • Site Architecture: Search engines “crawl” your website to find the pages they can add to their searchable index. Some sites could have crawl errors that stop search engines from recognising entire pages. This check also involves looking at whether the site has a sensible, readable hierarchy of pages which search engines tend to like.
  • Safety checks: This includes looking for whether your site has an active SSL security certificate and is free of malware, both of which are becoming more important to search engines as time goes on.
  • Local factors: A local SEO audit can ensure that your website is using the means at its disposal to target people in the area you’re trying to market it to.

The list goes on and on. These are only examples of factors that we look for when performing an SEO audit. One unfortunate website can be plagued with literally hundreds of issues that need to be addressed before other SEO tactics are considered.

Results you can use immediately

After we perform a full SEO audit of your website, we provide an actionable report detailing every single issue we have found within the website. We let you know what the issues are, what specific webpages they are affecting, and provide recommendations to either fix or mitigate the issues. Depending on the severity and frequency of the issues involved, your site can get a major boost in search rankings from an audit alone.

Start working with us now

The website audit isn’t just another tool in the wide arsenal of smart SEO practices. It’s an essential first step to any campaign. Without it, your site could be undermining any efforts you make to boost your rankings.

An SEO audit can show just how important your website is to all your search engine optimisation efforts, as well as the steps you can take fix any issues with it. If you want to get your site up to scratch now or make it ready for a full-fledged SEO campaign, get in touch with Bevolved through our online contact form.

Why choose Bevolved?

We’re passionate about SEO and helping businesses just like yours live up to their full potential in search engine results. We pride ourselves on our creative and collaborative approach and will apply a bespoke combination of creative and technical solutions to help your digital presence to shine not just to search engine crawlers but to discerning potential customers.

Get in touch with us today to see how we can bring our years of colalective experience and huge pool of talent to bear on your business’ goals and targets. We’re certain that we can put together a package that can help to take your SEO to the next level.

please get in touch by 0n 0161 5314 789, emailing or alternatively you can complete the form at the bottom of the page.

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Audit 2


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