Techniques You Need To Implement To Increase Your Brands Social Media Conversions


The most recent statistics show that over 800 million users actively use Instagram every month and over 500 million users use this social networking platform daily. This platform was founded in 2010. Today it has turned into one of the leading social networking platforms across the globe. Businesses are considering it as a luring platform to find new customers and increase the sales.

You should not find it weird that 90% of the top 100 brands in the world are using Instagram to attract customers. It shows how much businesses trust this platform for promoting their brands, products, and services.

You might wonder that posting some impressive images from your business account on Instagram might not work for finding leads for your business. That is a common misconception among business owners and marketers who did not run social media marketing campaigns on Instagram. The leading brands along with many new startups and medium-sized businesses across the globe have proven that implementing effective marketing tactics can help in generating leads and sales via Instagram.

Though it has got millions of active users from all across the globe, Instagram is still new in comparison to Facebook and other popular social networking platforms. It constantly releases new updates and apps to provide users with better features. Businesses need to be aware of new updates and changes in order to plan the most effective marketing tactics for this social networking platform.

It can be the best destination for targeting customers from all the regions. Your business can grow much faster with Instagram and that can be possible only when you have a huge number of followers on this platform. There are some simple but effective tactics you can apply to gain a huge following on Instagram.  Those tactics are explained here:

1.) Be proactive and post consistently:

The first and the most effective way of finding new followers is showing new posts on a daily basis. A research conducted by a reputable marketing agency endorse that irregularity can cost a lot of followers. The research conducting agency had studied over 100,000 Instagram accounts during 2017. The results showed that the most consistently you will post the more followers and likes you will gain.

The study shows that a profile that makes 7-10 posts in a week, is more likes to gain new followers and likes. It can quickly become a popular name on Instagram and that’s what you should do. Concentrate on creating high-quality content and post that content regularly on Instagram. Even this platform’s algorithmic timeline supports regular activities. The chances of your pictures being seen would be much higher and thus you can generate numerous genuine followers and likes on Instagram.

2.) Be accurate with your hashtags:

Hashtags play a very crucial role in increasing followers on Instagram. Though this feature was not available on Instagram in the beginning, now it allows you to share images and videos with hashtags. You must be accurate with the hashtags used on your posts. Right hashtags can expose your videos and pictures to a huge number of Instagram users. The unplanned hashtags can do nothing for your business. You might find it pretty amazing that you can also follow a hashtag on this platform, which is a unique feature.

A research shows that new posts on Instagram with location tags and hashtags can gain the top levels of engagements. To be more specific, hashtags can help you in growing followers much faster than any other tactic. Previously Instagram used to show only top 9 posts for each hashtag but it changed this approach. Now users can search all the posts on the basis of the most recent and top posts. So, your posts with popular and strategically planned hashtags can quickly engage numerous new prospects.

3.) Use video content to engage your audience:

Instagram was originally intended to be a photo-sharing network but soon it turned into something different and more interesting. Now it allows users to post videos, go live, and share stories. Along with common users, brands are also trying live videos and engaging video content to entertain their followers. Videos offer a quick and effective way of spreading the message within the Instagram community.

The recent studies show that Instagram users engage more with videos. They like to watch a new brand has to offer through a quick video. Live streaming is another great approach because Instagram will place you right in front of stories. The targeted users would be curious about what you are sharing live. You can share information about new products or discount offers. People will like your live feed and share their thoughts about your brand and offers. Most of the marketers also believe that sharing videos through stories work really well to engage the audience. Over 400 million Instagram users like to check new stores. Therefore, the potential of your videos being seen gets much higher.

4.) Share user-generated content:

There are many instances where businesses have grown their followers pretty quickly. They achieved their targets quickly because they embraced and shared user-generated content. A lot of Instagram users share motivational, entertaining, and informative content along with their pictures. Their posts receive great response from the followers. You can use such kind of content to increase your followers. You should search for the best content available on Instagram and then share it through your profiles. Do not forget to provide credit to the original user and then see people’s reaction.

The original creator will appreciate your attempt to spread his content to a much larger audience. His followers may like your profile and start following you. Use quality hashtags whenever sharing UGC and you can quickly draw the attention of millions of active Instagram users. You will not put your efforts in creating engaging content for your regular posts, but still, the UGC will work to maintain your activities on this social networking site. Consequently, you will gain more likes and followers.

5.) Know your optimal time for making scheduling & posting content

There is no universal best time for making promotional posts on Instagram. Every brand needs to find their optimal time for posting content from looking at their social media analytics. Your Instagram posts can create more of an impact and engaging if you are posting when your followers are more likely to engage. It can play a vital factor in your brand’s success on this social networking platform. The social media marketing experts suggest that your best time to make a post on Instagram is when most of your followers are online and using this platform. This is how you can know when most of your followers are online.

  • Open your Instagram app and then tap on the profile picture.
  • Now select Instagram Insights option (bar chart).
  • Now tap on followers option and then tap on “See more”

Now scroll down towards the end of the page and here you can find at which day of the week most of your followers were active. You can also find at what time most of your followers were using this platform. This page can also disclose the location or area from where you are receiving traffic on your Instagram page. It can really help you in taking advantage of the moments when your followers actively use Instagram. Thus, you can target most of your followers without making too much effort.6.)

6.) Look for new partners on Instagram:

When other tactics are not working and you are desperate for success, you should not refrain from collaborating with others. You can search for partners who can provide your Instagram page with high-quality followers from different regions. The same thing your potential partner would consider because every brand seeks new followers.

Some brands might not like to take other brands’ support for increasing followers on Instagram. If you also do not wish to do the same, then you should think about influencer marketing. Search for key leaders in your sector and let them promote your Instagram profile. Influencers are people who have a great fan following and who can convince their followers to trust a certain brand. This approach can do wonders for your business. Though you will have to spend some extra bucks for taking the support of influencers, it will eventually result in increased likes on your Instagram posts and increased number of followers.

7.) Be aware of the choices of your followers:

Brands often make a big mistake on Instagram in an attempt to lure new followers. They make posts which they like. They do not spend time on analyzing followers’ choices due to which their posts do not gain the attention of their followers.

You must know what your followers want to see on Instagram if you want to draw their attention. It is the simplest way of engaging with genuine Instagram users who are seeking quality products, services, and support.

Now one question might be troubling you that “how would I know what my followers like?” All you need to do is open the Instagram app on your smartphone and then tap on your profile picture. Now select bar chart (Instagram insights) icon and then tap on posts section (located at the end of this page). Now tap on “See more” option and now you can check all the posts which have gained the best impressions. You can check what content you have shared which has gained a good response from your followers. Thus, you can know what draws your followers and then you can more similar stuff to attract new users.

8.) Use content with every post you make on Instagram:

It is often observed by social media marketing geniuses that Instagram posts that contain quality content with images, gain a better response from the followers and new users. Hence you are also looking for the ways of increasing Instagram followers quickly, hosting contents is really a great approach. All your posts will reach to numerous new people and many of them might follow you on this social networking platform.

You can plan content that will engage the existing followers. For example, you can organize an online contest for freebies in which you can ask your followers to tag their friends in the comments. Everybody likes freebies and people would certainly like to use your offers and invite new people to your page. That’s how you can quickly gain new people to attract and turn them into your followers.

This approach is also useful when you want to reach new people who have no idea about your brand and its products. A lot of startups and SMBs are trying this strategy on Instagram to find new clients and expand their reach. You must try it if you want to be a popular brand on Instagram quickly.

9.) Get engaged with your fans:

Instagram’s algorithm promotes profiles which engage more with the users on this social networking platform. It means you should try every engagement tactic to gain followers’ response to your posts. If most of your followers engage with your posts, many new people will see what you are sharing on Instagram with your hashtags.

Be an active Instagram user and reply to all the queries your followers’ post in the comments section. The target audience will accept you as a genuine brand and people will consider you as a reliable brand for their demands

10.) Use other platforms to draw users on your Instagram profile:

It might be possible that you have numerous followers on Facebook or Twitter who do not know about your Instagram profile. You should inform them about your Instagram profile so that your followers can access you on Instagram. This platform allows you to share your posts on Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter. You can directly share your posts on other popular social networking platforms to find new followers and your existing followers on these platforms.

By following these 10 crucial steps, you can guarantee to increase your followers on Instagram and expand your reach.

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