What Features Will Ensure the Success of a Website in 2019


Millions of websites are built every year. All the website owners expect their site to perform great and gain a huge number of visitors. Every website does not succeed because of several reasons. Though many website owners invest a huge amount of money in SEO, it not just the search engine optimisation that ensures the success. Website’s design and structure also matters. It is quite important to stay current on web design otherwise your competitors will beat you and grab your target audience.

Many changes and improvements occur in web design every year. These improvements guide the web designers to create something new and engaging. You might think that you own a modern-age web portal today but it will get outdated very soon. You must recognize the difference between a passing fad and a new trend to create a website that will remain competitive for many years.

2019 is not too far now. This year will be all about providing visitors exceptional experience. More and more websites will be designed for the mobile users. The designers will focus on speed and engaging designs to entertain the visitors for a long time. 2019 will be all about delivering unforgettable user experience, therefore you should check what features will ensure the success a website in 2019.

Loading speed will decide which website will succeed:

Today’s internet users do not like to wait for anything. They choose eCommerce platforms that deliver products fast. They prefer social networking platforms that support their fast-paced social networking needs. People simply hate to wait when it comes to web surfing. If your website will take more than 3 seconds to load, you will lose many visitors. Many of them will never come back because your website takes a long time to load its pages. Page loading speed will play a very crucial role in the success of any website.

The websites take extra loading time because of their data-heavy designs. You may think that your site looks quite eye-catching and therefore page loading speed is negligible. Such thinking can cause a huge loss because page loading speed will matter the most in 2019. Even Google now prioritize websites which take minimal loading time and provide top quality content. You must ensure that your website will load within 3 seconds on both mobile and desktop devices. If not, you should hire a new web designer to get the job done.


Flat design:


Hence the number of smartphone users was growing pretty rapidly in 2017, many web designers had chosen to go with simple and clean websites. That trend continued to grow and today each website is designed to perform great on all mobile devices. Millions of people access the web through their smartphones and the number of smartphone users will get much larger in 2019. If your website is designed to target both mobile phone and desktop users, it will be prioritised against other sites which are not mobile-friendly.

Mobile-friendly web designs are clean and minimalist and that’s why this type of design is also called flat design. A flat design website loads quickly, even if there are images. You might not like to turn the main website in a flat site, but you can use an alternative platform to help mobile users in accessing your services quickly. This approach will also help you in boosting the rank of your website and that’s why flat design is going to rule the web industry for a long time.


Mobile-friendly design:


Google’s way of measuring the performance of websites is quite changed or improved now. It was 2015 when mobile searches eventually overtook the desktop searches. It was the time when Google realised that more and more people are accessing the internet through their smartphones. The number of searches made on desktop was decreasing because of the growing number of mobile users. Google analysed the stats and decided to make some necessary changes in the way it indexes sites. It decided to prioritise websites which are more mobile-friendly than others.

Now most of the talented web designers know how important it is to use the mobile-friendly web design. The ultimate goal of a website is to entertain as many visitors as possible. Your platform can gain a huge number of visitors if it is mobile friendly. If the site does not perfectly fit on a smartphone’s screen and if it takes a long time to load on mobile phones, Google will prefer indexing this site. It will first index all the other competitor sites and then your site will be indexed. It can be quite harmful for your business and that’s why you should invest in mobile-friendly design.

Asymmetrical layouts will be more popular:

We are not saying that the days of grid design are over but the modern age web designers will certainly think to implement something new and unique. As the new web design trends are emerging, the broken grid and asymmetrical layouts are getting more and more popular as 2019 is getting closer.

Though it is true that many web designers are pushing for flat and clean designs, there are also numerous website designers who are supporting the exciting look of broken grid designs. They are willing to provide users with something fresh that never appeared before and that’s why websites with asymmetrical layouts are getting popular now.

It is true that avoiding the grid layout has always resulted in sloppy and distracting designs. That’s why the designers have always chosen to go for the grid design. They find it easier to include content (images, copy, headlines, call-to-action, etc.) when using the grid layout. It seems like an effortless task to maintain the structure of the grid and at the same time the underlying layout of the grid. Just because of the ease of maintaining the overall design of the website, designers chose to work on grid layout. Now things are going to change.

The modern-age designers have found the ways of getting rid of grid layouts. Some websites emerged with broken grid layouts in which the designers have planned the asymmetry to maintain the layout and make it look wonderful. These sites do not look sloppy and their irregular patterns make them stand out of the queue. You can expect to see many new websites with broken grid layouts because numerous internet users will find this design unique and appealing.

Pageless designs:

It seems like speed and minimalism is going to rule the web design industry in 2019. That’s pageles design or single page design will also become a popular trend in the upcoming years. This type of design allows the designers to create single page web portals or a single page blog in which all the articles are arranged under a soloed hierarchy.

The SEO industry might not like this web design trend because it will be really tough to rank such pages. They will find it daunting to rank a keyword without pages on the site. Though some SEO experts might believe that website with pageless designs will not perform great, Google will still consider to rank such sites up because of their minimalistic and simple design. Such sites will load pretty quickly on mobile devices and the leading search prioritises sites which can entertain the mobile users better. Therefore, the number of websites with pageless design might increase in 2019 and it can become a popular trend in the upcoming years.  

Geometric shapes will bridge the gap between flat design and broken grid design:

There is a huge gap between flat design and controlled chaos of broken grid design. It will not last for a long time because geometric shapes will fill that gap and offer a great opportunity of integrating both designs to form something new. Websites with shapes like triangles, circles, and hexagons will emerge and these sites will be pretty versatile. The designers will use shapes to build repeating patters. It will eventually result in dynamism and look effective with asymmetrical layouts.

Sites with videos in the backdrop of the page:

Only a few websites were developed till the date that feature video bites in the backdrop. You must find one to know how beautiful and impressive such sites can look. Though sites with minimalist designs will rule the web industry in 2019, the number of sites featuring videos in the backdrop is also expected to rise pretty rapidly. The simplest reason behind trying this new web design trend would be engaging more and more new visitors.

Sites with videos in the backdrop might take a bit longer time in loading but that would not stop web designers from trying it. The existing sites have proven that video backdrop aids in increasing the conversion rate. Suppose you are selling travel packages, you can provide a video bite of the user’s chosen destination in the backdrop to engage him and impress him. Thus, you can hope that you can sell more travel packages than ever you have sold before. The same tactic can be used by other businesses to engage visitors longer and turn them into customers.

Chatbots will get mandatory to offer phenomenal user experience:

Though it was just a dream two or three decades ago, now the internet offers the assistance of bots to improve our web surfing experience. You daily interact with many bots but you might not know. Google itself feature a bot assistant that suggests options when you put a particular keyword in the search bar. Facebook also uses bots to improve your social networking experience. These bots learn how we look, what we prefer to read and what ads we like the most. Facebook’s bot assistant offers tag yourself option when recognizes your face in an image. In simple words, every internet user deals with multiple bots regularly.

After Google and Facebook, many other sites have tried to offer the support of chatbots to engage more users. It worked really great for those sites and therefore we can see many new sites with the chatbot feature. This bot will quickly popup a chat box to assist the visitor. It will provide answers for all the queries the user will make. That’s how a cahtbot will work to deliver phenomenal user experience.

eCommerce platforms will feature video bites to offer product details:

Currently, we all read the information shared with the product image whenever we go to buy any product on an eCommerce platform. Though it is a bit time-consuming, we still check the content to avoid buying a useless product. It seems like eCommerce stores know that every user does not like to read the product description. Therefore, you can see that some eCommerce platforms will provide product descriptions in video content. You can click on the video to know everything about the chosen product.

This approach will help e-retailers in engaging more and more customers. This tactic can also help in increasing the conversion rate because videos explain things better than plain text. The users will learn everything about your products and then make their mind quickly about whether or not to buy that particular product.

Infographics with content:

As mentioned earlier in this post, people do not like to spend a long time on any site. However, things are different with the blogs but still the readers want to learn things quickly. Therefore, it is expected to see an increased use of infographics with text-based content. Blogs and sites featuring low-space acquiring infographics can gain more popularity in 2019. This tactic can also aid in boosting the rank and therefore it will be a popular trend.

The web world is going to change to good. Many new internet users will experience a completely new web world. They will seek fast and satisfying solutions and websites with the above explained features and solutions will meet their requirements. There will be more beautiful sites that will load quickly and entertain both desktop and mobile users.

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