Matt Cutts, Google’s former Head of Web Spam, had made a tweet in 2014 which had thrilled the whole SEO industry. He said “Okay, I’m calling it: if you’re using guest blogging as a way to gain links in 2014, you should probably stop. He had actually announced that guest posting is dead from now. It was heartbreaking for many website owners and SEO agencies across the globe.

Matt Cutts had made that tweet almost four years ago and Google has made several changes after that tweet. So, you might have a question in your mind now that “is Guest Posting still dead or not?” The answer is No! Guest posting is still alive and it is an essential part of any SEO campaign.

However, only high-quality guest blogging works today and publishing guest posts along with links on poor quality websites will not take your site anywhere. Therefore, things are changed but that does not mean Guest Posting is dead. Thousands of people in the web industry are trying it as a critical SEO strategy. It is providing them with impressive results and therefore every beginner must know what is Guest Posting and its benefits.

What is Guest Posting?

The digital marketing experts call guest posting “the single most important tactic for increasing blog readership and growing a new website.” You need to create new blogs and articles and then you need to publish that fresh content on someone else’s website or blog. This whole process is called guest posting or guest blogging. You should try guest posting if you want to establish relationships with other online portals. Guest posting can also reward you with better authority, exposure, and links that you will need while running an SEO campaign.

Guest posting is a widely practiced SEO technique because of links. The links still play a crucial role in increasing the organic search rank of a website. Blog posting offers some great opportunities of securing links back from other online portals. You need to communicate with other website owners in order to publish your links. You can learn more about one another’s business and sites and thus you can strengthen your bonds with other website owners and businesses. Other websites feature your content in front of their visitors who learn about your brand. Thus, Guest posting supports a quick growth your business and website.

Is guest posting beneficial for SEO?

As mentioned earlier, Matt Cutts had clearly stated that using Guest Posts for creating backlinks on other websites will not be tolerated by Google. It is clear that he had forgotten to mention that publishing blogs on poor quality websites.

To answer that question, yes! Blog posting is a good for search engine optimization. It stands tall as a powerful digital marketing tactic that every marketer tries to generate impressive results for his clients. The SEO experts believe that guest posting will remain an effective method of building powerful links in 2019 and ahead.

How does guest posting/blogging work?

SEO agencies used to hire a number of freelance bloggers to create new blogs and articles for publishing on article directories and guest blog networks for building links back to their client’s sites. That guest posting method does not work anymore. Now you need to find high-quality blogs and contact the bloggers in order to attempt guest posting. It has obviously turned into a complicated procedure but it still works.

The modern-age guest posting procedure is explained below:

Find top blogs related to your niche:

You will have to find top blogs related to your industry when initiating the guest posting campaign. It is obvious that you cannot publish your content into irrelevant blogs because that will neither impress Google nor the visitors of that irrelevant blog. Suppose you are offering web designing solutions, search for top blogs that publish content related to website designing.

Once the list is ready, now you must visit each blog to check the published blogs and other content. You will quickly get a few blogs where you can find a huge number of target audience. Some of these blogs will surely accept guest posts. They will also allow you to create links back to your website.

Contact the blog editor:

When you have the list of blogs, half of the task is done. Now you just need to communicate with the editor of the chosen blogs to get permission for publishing your blogs. All the top rated blogs may not accept guest posts, but some will do. You will have to follow the given procedure of publishing guest posts. If there are no guidelines regarding publishing guest posts, you should directly contact the blog owner to know how to publish guest posts.

A lot of bloggers allow other writers to publish quality content on their blogs if the content is relevant to their niche. If not, then you will have no chance. That’s why you should select only industry specific blogs.

Create informative and engaging content for the target audience:

You have blogs where you can publish guest posts, so the main task begins now. Ask your writers to create informative and non-promotional content for the target audience. You can provide tips, how to guides, and many other informative details in order to publish guest posts. Create backlinks to your blog on the target keywords so that the readers can click on those links to reach your site. Guest posting may not be as easy as it used to be during the old days but it got better and more effective.

Important guest posting tips:

Now you know how to publish guest blogs to gain benefits from the published content. There are some additional tips that you must follow in order to learn how to get better results from guest posting. It is a tough SEO technique but it is also more rewarding than other SEO techniques. So, consider these tips while trying guest blogging/posting.

Guest post on sites where your target audience likes to spend time:

There are millions of websites and many of these sites entertain millions of visitors every week. Hence some of your chosen sites may have a huge user base, it does not mean all the available sites are perfect for your guest posting needs. You can attract visitors only if you are offering content relevant to their needs.

What if you are publishing web designing blogs on a website or blog where visitors land to find vehicle guides? You will rarely get a few visitors who may like to visit your site for using your services. Though, you can find a huge number of visitors if you choose a platform where your target audience likes to spend a lot of time.

NEVER post duplicate content:

Google hates duplicate content and it strictly removes sites which endorse copied content from other websites. You need fresh content for guest posting and that content must be relevant to modern topics. Ask your writers to write on topics which are trendy, engaging, and informative. Your target audience should get excited when they will check the title. The title and Meta description should be perfectly optimized to boost the rankings. Keep it original and engaging and that’s how you will win search engine along with the visitors.

Focus on quality and quantity:

There is a trend of publishing lengthy blogs nowadays. Though lengthy content offers greater visibility, it works only when the quality is awesome. A lengthy blog can do nothing more than frustrating readers if there are numerous grammatical errors and poorly structured sentences. Your writers should create blogs which are flawless and perfectly structured. An 800+ words blog would work really great if it is featuring high-quality content.

Do not use too many links:

The blog editor might have allowed publishing highly engaging content but he will never allow you to turn his blog into a link farm. This approach will not only snatch your chances of publishing guest posts but also affect the reputation of that blogger. There should be only a few links to your website.

People often make a mistake of including their site’s link along with numerous affiliate links in the guest posts. It is not the right way of endorsing a website because the readers will not be able to easily scroll the page. In addition, too many links will reduce the credibility of your blog and that’s why you should use only a few links, 2-3 maximum.

Final thoughts:

Guest posting is a very useful search engine optimisation technique. It has helped many sites in boosting their ranks and finding thousands of new visitors. It works exceptionally well only if it is practiced in the right way. We have explained the most effective guest blogging tactic along with additional tips that will make it an easier job for you. So, try it now and let it help you in boosting your site’s rank.

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